CCTV Solutions &surveillance

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Networking & Communication

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Access Control

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Audio Visual Systems

The extensive range of branded products is constantly updated, to reflect the latest developments in multimedia projectors, flat screen displays, furniture and meeting room equipment  offering reliability, high quality and exceptional value for money.


CCTV Solutions​

CCTV systems are critical requirements in terms of security, as such, the room for failure is minimal. Be it to prevent theft and robbery at home or business, or to monitor the behavior of employees and students, CCTV could give a total guarantee for security level.

The reliability, integrity, and dependability of HONEYWELL video systems ensure that you can meet all of your existing and future security challenges with complete confidence. Our solutions range from
IP and analog high definition cameras to digital and network video recorders.


Networking & Communication

A functioning network and data communications solution is nowadays mission critical for businesses. High demands are set on the quality, capacity and availability of a network in order for businesses to be able to work in a shared IT-environment and over the Internet. The internal IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly diffuse as it is outsourced to external parties, which means that the data network must be able to manage these complex environments where there is a mix of IT resources that are geographically separated. These together form the core and backbone of a company’s IT infrastructure.

Smart Bitz Solution(SBS) network and data communications services are based on our fiber optic network platform, enabling the delivery of advanced services with high availability and service level


IPTV Soutions

IPTV &  video and digital signage solutions enable you to deliver content to any device, anywhere in a business environment

IPTV provides an integrated platform for simultaneously delivering multiple TV channels over IP protocol to the desktop and television environment.

A single head-end can deliver multiple TV channels and be combined with multiple receiver types to meet a customer’s exact channel line-up.

Interfaces are available for free to air and encrypted signals from a wide range of sources including digital satellite, digital terrestrial, digital cable, component analogue and professional digital private productions, via serial digital interface (SDI) and asynchronous digital interface (ASI), all supported through the IPTV platform either in Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD).

Standard based components are used throughout the design to ensure ongoing support and longevity of the platform no matter where the system is deployed.


Audio Visual Systems

We at Smart Bitz Solutions offers latest equipment in Audio, Visuals, Simultaneous Interpretation, Projection, Lights,Sound, Public Address, Digital Signage Solution, Video Conference, We realize that you only have one chance to make a great presentation. We offer reliable and creative solutions backed with the latest technology & excellent customer service.